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UEA Student Mentoring

UEA Student Mentoring puts students in touch with mentors who can help them with their education and career options.

As well as ementoring support, the website provides loads of fun and fascinating resources about university, careers, money and much more.

There are also activities and quizzes to help you build skills for your future.

latest news & articles

National Engineering Competition for Girls is open now
Oct 06, 2015

The National Engineering Competition for Girls offers a £500 prize for the best solution to the challenges of the 21st century.

New law gives you more rights when renting
Oct 01, 2015

A new law to prevent 'revenge evictions' has come into force.


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Who's behind the site?

This website is run by Brightside, a national education charity. It is supported by students from the University of East Anglia. They’re here to answer your questions about student life and support your future choices.